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CRJ launches Wellness Plan

03/31/2015 - Over the past several months, the CRJ Wellness Committee (made up of representatives from all divisions of CRJ) has worked at putting together a very exciting plan which will provide all of our employees a number of wonderful opportunities to have the ability to improve their health and wellbeing, including coaching and assistance. CRJ is providing an incentive plan in which employees can earn points toward two major drawings by completing a Health Assessment, different workshops and many other opportunities. Weekly email communications will be sent to our employees providing reminders and tips about healthy life style choices. More communication on the details of the incentive program will be coming by CRJ emails so please promote and encourage employees to access their CRJ email soon.

For a detailed document explaining how to access LifeWorks Wellness on-line program click here. Thank you and

Have you read your CRJ email lately?

03/06/2015 - CRJ decided to invest in providing all staff with email accounts. Back in February, the IT Department setup all new emails and notified users via US Postal Service about their username, passwords and how to access email. As we move towards automating more HR functions, it is crucial that all staff check their email accounts daily. While we are making progress, there are still a significant amount of staff who have never opened their CRJ email. If you have any problems with email please contact IT for help.

May 4: Save the Date for CRJ

03/05/2015 - Each year friends of CRJ join community leaders,corporate executives, and supporters to celebrate our progress and look to a bright future.
This year the event is on May 4, 2015, 6:00 to 9:30 PM at The Seaport Hotel, 200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA

This year it is our privilege to also honor Ned Murphy, Executive Chairman of The Mentor Network. His distinguished career has spanned many human service sectors including work with youth offenders, special needs children, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. His service to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has included appointments as the commissioner of the Department of Youth Services and the commissioner for the Department of Mental Health.

Employee tickets will be available at a discounted price of $75 each. To register click here.

Read the February edition of the CRJ Employee Newsletter

02/19/2015 - The latest edition of the CRJ Employee Newsletter is available for your reading pleasure. You can find it by clicking on the "Administrative" link in the menu, then on "CRJ Newsletter". The current issue includes pictures and articles on: employee recognition at the Top of the Hub, Bill Ames and Christine Cole join the Executive Team, the first big storm of 2015, CJI host California conference, thank you to Tia Tallman, CJI and South Dakota reform, customer delight, shout outs and our program in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Please encourage all staff to read and support our newsletter.


Thank you Miranda Desir and Ryan McCluskey from Howard Jardine

Thank you for stepping up and helping Brooke House in its time of need. Both of your contributions to the schedule couldn't have come at a better time. Your help was extremely appreciated. Thank you both.

Posted 06/23/2015

Thank you Barbara Bielecki from Will Doyer

Barbara, thank you for all you hard work and long hours that you dedicate daily to CRJ. You are a key part of the CT region team!!!

Posted 06/19/2015

Thank you Karyn Cargill and Amanda Noone from Janet

Thank you for dropping all your work and going to CT to help them.

Posted 06/18/2015

Thank you CSMA Consumers and Staff from Bill Coughlin

All the things that you said to me personally, wrote in my retirement book or on the biggest retirement card ever touched me deeply.

Posted 06/17/2015


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